Haere Mai 

"Welcome and Enter" 

We hope you visit this page regularly to discover exciting new products, read the latest news and find out about upcoming events.  We will even post special discounts to enhance margin and increase sales at your store.  You will also be able to send inquiries to your sales person or Hook Tribe sales team.  This will be your place to engage with and learn more about Hook Tribe.

We would like to introduce to you the Hook Tribe Spring 2018 Collection.  We are extremely excited about this new assortment of women's and men's clothing and accessories.  We are sure you will be too. 

In an effort to meet our conservation goals, Hook Tribe is publishing the new 2018 Spring Collection catalog electronically.  We feel strongly that we must take every step possible to reduce waste and protect our environment.  By using either of the links below you can view or download an electronic copy of the collection which can be viewed on a smartphone, tablet, laptop or desktop.  If it is necessary to print up a copy we encourage you to do so but please make sure to recycle when finished.   



If you have any additional questions please email us and we will be able to provide additional support.   


Mike Mayhan
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Florida panhandle, Mississippi and Alabama


Denny Penry
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South Carolina, North Carolina, Tennessee and Georgia


Mike Lawler
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Virginia, Maryland, Delaware, Pennsylvania, New Jersey and New York